Shelves of Farmstead Brindisi Fontina

Farmstead Brindisi Fontina & Elouan Rosé

The delicate charm of our Elouan Rosé makes it the perfect wine to chill and sip on its own. Its complexity, bright berry flavors and crisp, refreshing structure also pair beautifully with the slightly salty, complex flavors of Farmstead Brindisi Fontina made by the Willamette Valley Cheese Company. Their Brindisi is a farmstead cow’s-milk cheese, which means they milk their own cows and make the milk into cheese the same day.

The owners have dairy-farmed in the United States since 1962, and before that the family dairy-farmed in Holland. Today, they rely on sustainable farming practices to care for their herd of Jersey cows.

If you have the chance, you can sample cheeses at the tasting room on their farm set in the lush and rolling hills of the wine country (8105 Wallace Road NW, Salem). They’re open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.