Elouan Firework wine bottle toppers - red, white, and blue paper wine bottle toppers

Firework Wine Bottle Topper

August 15, 2018

Guest post by Darcy Miller

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 sheets of 8½ x 11 colored paper (red, blue, and silver glitter shown here)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Bottle of wine

How to:

Step 1 Cut each of your sheets of paper in half lengthwise—you’ll end up with six 4¼  x 11 pieces of paper.
Step 2 Fringe each piece of paper along the long end, making sure to not cut all the way down.
Step 3 Take one fringed strip of each color and stack in the order you like, staggering the bases of the strips slightly so that you can see all three shades.
Step 4 Tape one end of the fringed paper stack to the neck of your wine bottle (or bottle cap) and continue to wrap around, securing the other end with another piece of tape.
Step 5 Fluff your “firework” so its burst is as big as possible.
Step 6 Optional extra credit: Use all six strips of paper on one bottle for an extra big burst. Or, decorate the bottle with silver star stickers so that the firework looks like it’s lighting up the night sky.

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