Elouan picnic featuring Elouan Rosé, assorted eats and a woman in orange dress

The Perfect Summer Picnic with Elouan Wines

Guest post by Laura Lily

Picnics are one of my absolute favorite summer activities. Watching the sunset with friends, enjoying delicious appetizers and wine! I’d have a picnic every week if I could. Especially with all of the different landscapes California offers.  Liz and I found the perfect spot in a field to enjoy the beautiful sunset in San Luis Obispo during our stay at the Madonna Inn (review coming soon!) Just as we sat down the sun started to slowly set with a golden and pink hue behind the mountains. There were horses grazing in the field next to us and it was all picture perfect.

Of course, with any epic picnic comes a great wine selection. My go-to summer drink has been the Elouan Rosé. It brings together fruit from three regions along Oregon’s Coast.  It’s everything you could want in a summer drink; it’s refreshing, vibrant and fruity! Elouan come with an easy to remove screwcap.  This not only allows you to enjoy your wine without the hassle of a bottle opener, but it also preserves the crisp, clean aromas and tastes.  All of their wine selections are a great choice for outdoor occasions: picnics, lunch on the patio or enjoyed on its own as an aperitif.